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Have you ever wanted to network and connect, but didn't know where to start? Just like writing down life, financial, business goals are important - writing down your connection goals are, too! This page was created out of my need to get connected, and stay accountable. The best goals are those that are written down. Here's how it works:

Use this page to create a monthly list of people or businesses with whom you want to re-connect, or start a new connection. A goal could be 20 people a month, 5 people a week. Whatever it is, use this page to write them down specifically! Once you connect, whether it be by email, phone, social media, or in person, be sure to write a quick note about your interaction. Check the box to the far left once a connection has been made.

Do you want to follow-up with or continue this connection in some way? Mark the "nurture" box, and jot down ideas on how to do this moving forward. All relationships need time spent dedicated to them, and these connections - whether for business or personal - are the same way. Don't feel like you have to nurture every single one. There will always be connections you make that come and go.

When you commit time to nurturing your connections, you'll see personal growth and hopefully business growth. Word of mouth is the best type of advertising, so connect - and nurture those connections throughout the month! At the end of every month, start with a new page. You can always add those relationships you want to nurture to the list, but try adding at least 15 new connections every month. This will keep you focused on growing!

Checklist delivered via digital download. Full (8.5"x11") size available. Print yourself or professionally. For personal use only.

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