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  On July 17, 1988, television as we know it changed forever...Shark Week aired its first episode, and it continues to live on year after year.Whether in a few short seconds or an entire show, from the Great White to Megalodon, every species is laid out for the viewer to behold during the week-long series.I'm intrigued, actually, at how much attention this week-long television spot actually receives. It's not like other channels have the same luck with their attempts at creating the same kind of experience. Shark Week is the only of its kind, and whether you've watched it before,...

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Growing up, I lived in a neighborhood that Schwan's food trucks frequented. I remember the distinct yellow truck, with the schwan on the side, and the "swooshy" font that spelled the name. I remember when it would drive by, seemingly every week, and when it didn't come for what felt like forever. I also remember the excitement that came when it would stop in front of our house, and the "aw, man!" that occurred (out loud, too) when it would pass us up. At times I thought the Schwan's salesmen just came up to the door, asking if we needed...

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