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Is a content/editorial calendar right for my business? How? Why? Any business, especially those based solely online, need a plan to gain traffic to their website. Period. Obviously, there are a lot of successful businesses that get away with not having much of an online presence; however, no one can deny the potential. If your brick-and-mortar store doesn’t have a website, this does not mean you need to rush out and get one. All this means is that creating an online presence, if done correctly, should (not could, but should) be great for your business, so why miss out? Here...

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You Asked, I Answered You know all those email marketing questions you've had, but don't have answers to? I hear or see the ones below often, whether that be on social media, Google searches, or blog comments... So I decided to answered them, and hopefully you'll be able to gain the traction and the knowledge you need to take the next step with your campaigns. I've also created this great freebie, full of questions to ask yourself about your own email campaigns. These questions will make you think, and hopefully get you on the right path to creating your best email campaigns...

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