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How do you effectively launch your "thing" (product, website, event, you-name-it)? There are so many answers to this question it's insane. It depends on what your product is, to whom you're selling, when you're launching, where you're doing it, how... the list goes on. The only steady answer is the framework. Check out the Q & A below, then follow this free step-by-step Launch Like A Boss worksheet to reveal your next "thing", like a boss!

I just launched a product, now how do I market it?

Hold up. You already launched?

Well, that's okay! You could still build momentum from here. Just follow below and download the Launch Like A Boss Worksheet/Checklist for free!

Should I do a full or limited (MVP, minimum viable product) launch?

Launches that are done in full are completely acceptable; however, depending on what your "thing" is, I've heard starting with a limited version could be beneficial. For example, launching early with only some product features allows for bugs to be worked out, and you can surprise customers when you are ready to release new features. This option takes a little pressure off, and provides room for much-needed customer feedback, especially if you don't have any yet!

We are planning to launch in a month. What are some good tools to use to get our product launched quickly?

These apps are my go-to's:
Shopify App store
MailChimp Snap
Google Analytics

I also found this list that contains some pretty cool apps I may have to try out myself!

If you were not about to launch something new, what would your launch plan look like?

  1. Figure out your differentiator
  2. Scope out the competition

The same general framework exists for both launching something new and launching something that already exists. The only difference is how, when, where you execute. Maybe your competitors are only on Facebook, and they don't offer free shipping, are terrible at looking ahead, and don't have a clear connection with their consumers. What would happen if you took the opposite approach? Maybe you'd gain some of their market share, and finally break through to the audience they failed to attract.

What is the best product launch course?

Hands down, the best course I've ever completed is the "How to Build A Startup: The Lean LaunchPad" course on I know the word "launch" doesn't even exist in the title, but it really does cover how to start something in the best possible way. Even if you don't need everything the class covers, the framework given is worth the watch. If you take this class, you will be be asked to think about things you probably hadn't before, and you'll be able to move forward by creating a plan on your own, that fits your specific needs. And did I mention, it's free? You can find it here! #signmeup

How do you make a product launch go viral?

While there's never any sure-fire guarantees, you can try out these tips to see if your launch has what it takes to go viral and beyond:

What are the best ways to get word-of-mouth referrals for your launch?

No one passionately refers anyone to anything unless they have seen, tasted and tried it for themselves.

And even then, they have to love it, or think it's cooler or better than anything else like it. Take the Yeti vs. Ozark Trail debacle. What Ozark Trail has produced is, in majority of opinion, the same or better than Yeti - yet at a fraction of the price. But what's causing the uproar? Reviews and opinions, not anything either company did with marketing. For word-of-mouth to truly be successful, your product or service has to have the "it factor". Work on that, and word-of-mouth should follow.

When launching into a crowded space, how can you be successful?

Do your research, and know the competition. Ask yourself if what you offer is better or different, and how. It could be that your products or services are exactly alike, but you provide the best customer service. Or the most educational resources. Or a moving story that connects with people. Think about why you're the best and how that relates to your audience, write it down, and contemplate the best, most simple way to convey that to your customers.

Can I successfully launch by myself, without a team behind me?

If you don't have a physical team, utilize the power of social and the gift of resources. Google and research your way into the best launch plan for you, that you can handle, and run with it. I've launched many things "on my own", but in all reality I've had a lot of help from outside sources. Everyone has people around them that they probably don't even realize inspire and help them on a daily basis (spouse, best friend, family member, even a pet)! You bet you can launch on your own, you just need a well-executed plan!

How do you get publicity for a launch?

I'd love to make up my own answer for this question, but I thought this post said it best. Click here to read how to get PR, in the most practical blog post I think I've ever read on the subject.

Is email marketing necessary for my launch?

I would err on the side of YES! If you're launching successfully, people will come. When they do, you must ask yourself, "How am I going to retain them when they leave?" One surefire way, if the consumer is really interested in what you have to offer, is email marketing. This allows you to keep one-on-one contact (social media has too many bidding for their attention) with them, as often as you like, as long and they feel they are receiving value from you (no unsubscribes, spams, etc.). Email marketing is definitely a great, cheap, tool to utilize for launch success.

What are good questions to ask customers when getting feedback after a launch?

  1. What did you love?
  2. What did you dislike?
  3. What would you add?
  4. How could it do better?
  5. What features/products/articles/etc. would you like to see in the future?

Will a landing page help with my launch?

If you have the ability and funds (it can be as cheap or as expensive as you want) to create a landing page, it's highly recommended. By utilizing this tool, you have a targeted place to send potential customers and:

  1. Tell them more
  2. Grab more of their attention
  3. Capture information (email address, survey questions, etc.) you wouldn't otherwise

Here are some great options:

Search the app store
Create a page with a specific url, only for this launch

Utilize a Cover Page


No website? Use one of these:

How can I promote my launch leading up to it?

Most likely, the best way to promote your launch, is through content.

And lots of it.

The kind you can promote anywhere and everywhere, from your storefront to trade shows, to social events, email marketing and blogging. Check out this post for more content tips and ideas

Where can I learn more about launching successfully?

P.S. Don't forget your free Launch Like A Boss Worksheet/Checklist!

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