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KISS Guide to Digital Marketing: Smart Questions Blog

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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to any form of marketing that involves digital devices – from your phone to that digital billboard you saw on your way to work this morning.

What are the different types of digital marketing?

There are quite a few, actually, but don’t let it intimidate you. The fact that there are so many different types to choose from, means there are options - and you don’t have to use them all. Here’s the short list:

  • Website Ads 
  • Social Media 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Content Marketing 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) 
  • Text Messaging 
  • Digital Billboards 
  • Digital Demos 
  • TV Commercials

    Why is digital marketing important? 

    Digital marketing is so important, and it’s become the main area of concentration for a lot of advertising and communication. Think about it: Our televisions are “smart”, we spend most of our time on our phones (for work and play), and most of us don’t even watch commercials anymore – if we can help it. Digital marketing is important if (and to avoid):

    • You are not present on social media, your website, etc. – nor have a strategy to make them work for you 
    • You are wasting time, effort and money in the wrong areas of advertising (where your customers are not present, or are barely there) 
    • You are not driving customers down a specific “sales funnel” throughout your social media, website, and all other digital efforts
    • You are not optimized (responsive site, SEO, etc.) 
    • You are not consistent, therefore keeping your audience interested 
    • You don’t know your own keywords, or where to place them 

    Why do I need a great digital marketing strategy?

    Consumers (that includes you and I) rule how, when, where and why we view content. And that’s what digital marketing strategy is all about: It leads you down a path of ROI, and your consumers down a path to purchase. A great digital marketing strategy includes:

    • Multiple Touchpoints
      It’s been proven that consumers don’t buy the first time. They need multiple nudges before they’ll hand over the cash and ask for what you have to offer. 
    • Increased Visibility
      Consumers are LAZY. We all are guilty of not wanting to go out of our way, and we definitely don’t like to be bothered. Digital marketing gives you a way to get in front of your customers, right where they are, without making them do any work. 
    • Fresh Content
      Who likes to look at the same thing over and over again? Most people don’t – I know I don’t. Digital marketing allows you to hit the refresh button without bothering your customers. You can constantly put new information in front of them, and as long as it’s relevant, they’ll keep coming back for more. 
    • Platform Diversity
      When you’re at home, you most likely have the TV going with your favorite show, while you’re checking out your friend’s social media page, and trying to write that blog post on your laptop. As consumers, we are constantly consuming, on multiple devices, on multiple platforms. From email to Hulu, we’re able to jump from one thing to the next without breathing. Digital marketing gets you in front of your audience, all the time, in all the right places. 
    • Audience Engagement
      When you share something hilarious on social media, what’s the first thing that happens? Usually, if it really is that funny, someone will like or comment or share it themselves. That’s called engagement. Even if you’re just sharing something on your personal page, if someone interacts (like your great Aunt Ethyl), that’s engagement. Digital marketing allows your customers to interact with you, and you with them, at the most unexpected times. But that’s the point – to get them to notice, engage, and remember. 
    • Knowing Your Competitors
      Because of your competitors, you need a digital marketing strategy. They definitely have one, or are at least trying. So more power to you if you can get yours streamlined and off the ground before they do. They won’t know what to do, but you will. You need to know your competitors and how you can do things differently, because it takes being different to be noticed. I heard this quote once:

    Think about your product and what you can do differently, not just better, for your customers.

    What are the top 5 skills I need to be a great digital marketer?

    If you don’t have these skills, or don’t want to, or don’t have the time to learn, you can always hire a professional. If you’re not in a position to hire or contract it out, you can learn – but it will take some discipline in these areas:

    • Organization
    • Analytics
    • Creativity
    • Technology

    As a small business, blogger, or entrepreneur, how can I utilize digital marketing?

    There are several free platforms mentioned above you can start using today. The only catch is that it will take time to execute, and time to see results. However, organic digital marketing is the best way to gain traction and grow your business – and it’s a true test to whether you’re really catching the attention of your audience, or just paying outrageous amounts of money for dull interaction.

    What are some great tips for newbie digital marketers?

    1. Get Viral
      If you can post an intentional and relevant post, video, photo, etc. that can get wide-spread and fast attention... It will do wonders for your digital marketing strategy.
    2. Use Visuals
      Rule of thumb: Always use some form of visuals. Whether it be a graphic, photo or video, every post should include something to look at: Let’s face it, people are lazy and don’t want to read unless something catches their eye first.

    What are some free tools I can use for digital marketing?

    Facebook Insights
    Twitter Analytics
    Google Analytics

    Okay, this is overwhelming. Where do I start?

    This is totally doable, you just have to educate yourself, but it won’t happen overnight - and that's okay! I have some free resources in the shop that can give you a great start:


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