Thanks to Radiant Rumble, who designed these awesome lists that help me stay sane through the little (my babies) years!!!


I downloaded your wallpaper for this month. It is super cute! Thank you!


I have a successful, long-time retail small business that is too small to hire an in-house marketing specialist. I have been working with Clarissa for over 7 years... her work is exceptional!

Katrina Allen, Lynch's Furniture & Appliance

She makes the cutest little SUPER AFFORDABLE printables! When you sign up for her email list you get THREE FREE PRINTABLES!!! AND she has the cutest lock screens with scriptures on them - THEY ARE FREE!!


Get Organized

Our stationery is very versatile. It doesn't fit just one binder or one style. Pair it with the binder and accessories of your choice, and get organized your way.

Stress Less

Because it's so versatile, our stationery makes your life easier. You don't just plan your week, you maximize your time and stress less.

Bless A Cause

Our driving force is to help you, so that we can in turn help others. As part of our Giving Purpose, we #blessacause every month.

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